With the software we developed in fuel automation systems, we are everywhere in Turkey where fuel touches.

We provide 24/7 uninterrupted service with 47 mobile vehicles and 85 professional technical teams in 81 provinces, 919 districts and 1807 points throughout Turkey.

We continue to produce solutions with our logistics power that provides transportation to all parts of Turkey within 2 hours.

Pump Automation
Tank Automation
Tanker Automation
Vehicle Recognition Automation
Central Automation System

As TK Teknoloji, we undertake the corporate portal side of the KoopBakkal Project.


The portal was created within the Corporate Portal to ensure the traceability and management of all processes such as checkout integration solutions for our grocers to apply to be included in the system, to obtain the necessary documents in the digital environment for the grocers to enter the system after the examinations and examinations of the application.


In this portal, there are also special announcements, news platform for grocery stores and areas where they can manage their own orders and place their central orders.


Soil, a web-based system that solves the corporate software needs of Agricultural Credit Group companies from a single point; With the tailor-made modules it contains, it responds to the digital needs of our group companies from a single point and allows all our employees to perform easier, faster and safer transactions.

End to End